CRITICAL #MISSING: Marisa Kaluhiokalani, 27 - Woodbury Heights, NEW JERSEY (left behind life-saving medication)

The family of a Woodbury Heights woman who has been missing for two weeks just wants her back, no questions asked.
Although it was originally reported she was last seen in Paulsboro, it was Camden where Marisa Kaluhiokalani, 27, was last spotted when a friend dropped her off to cash a check, according to her mother Tina Kaluhiokalani.
That was on Monday, Feb. 2.
While the family was concerned that she didn't return that night, their real fear came when she didn't come home the next day -- her daughter Malia's third birthday.
There was a party planned for that evening and Kaluhiokalani wasn't there.
"She's a loving mother to her daughter Malia," said Janine Camerlengo, Marisa Kaluhiokalani's aunt. "She just would not do this to her daughter. We knew something was wrong because she wasn't there for Malia's birthday."

The family reported her missing to Woodbury Heights Police the next day, Wednesday, Feb. 4. After two weeks passed without hearing anything, however, they decided to take the search public.
Facebook page was created Wednesday evening and had more than 700 likes overnight and fliers are being distributed throughout the local area and Camden.
"My husband and I are distraught. We're taking care of the baby," Tina Kaluhiokalani said.
"We just want to bring Marisa home," Camerlengo added. "Every day that goes by is another day. This is a girl who had a life, had a family ... To disappear like this is insanity."
In addition to missing Malia's birthday party, she also left behind life-saving medication, her aunt said, solidifying the family's fear that something was amiss. 
Kaluhiokalani, a cancer survivor, and her daughter have been living with her mother in Woodbury Heights, but she was in the process of fixing up a place of her own in West Deptford.
She is described as a white female, 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds with tattoos of a flower on her left leg and left wrist, a ribbon on her right wrist and a butterfly on her right shoulder.
Her family is asking anyone who has any information about the missing woman to call Woodbury Heights police at 856-848-6707 or Camerlengo at 609-330-9915.
"Even if it's anonymous. If you know anything, we just want to bring Marisa home," Camerlengo said. 

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