Missing Jennifer Oard, 31 - Las Vegas, NV - Feb. 13, 2016

Jennifer Renee Oard
Date Last Seen: February 13th, 2016
Location Last Seen: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age at time missing: 31 yrs old
Year of Birth: 1985 
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond, dyed black 
Hair Style: Long and straight, thin 
Eye Color: Hazel 
Piercings: Ears 
Last Known Clothing: Jeans t-shirt 
Tattoos: Right calf- revolver with "southern gurl";
Left calf has a cross tattoo
Scars/Marks: Some freckles on face 
Other: Dentures, southern thick accent, left handed, smoker, very fair skin, mole on bottom of chin, dark freckle on right side of mouth 
Transportation: Missing on Foot

If info, or seen, please call the Las Vegas Metro Police 
at (702) 828-2907, Case # 160229-2360

Circumstances: Jennifer recently became homeless. Others care for her three children. She usually stays in contact with her children, however none of them, family or friends have heard from her since February 13th. She was last spotted on Tropicana Ave. at a 7-11 gas station.

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