The World They Know - Seeking the Missing by LostNMissing Inc.

Over 2,000 go missing in the USA, every day. Each year the numbers continue to add up, not decrease, as many are unsolved and yet to be found. Each day is heartache and pain for the families of missing. Won't you help share their missing posters online? Stop, look and see if you make recognition? You could bring needed answers to solving their missing status. You may even be the one to help bring a missing loved one home.

Featuring: Kyla Porter - Billy DiSilvestro -Jade Humble- Bob Boone  - Eric Lee Franks – Skelton brothers - Ali Lowitzer - Carrie Ann Monroe - Timur Mardeyev -Brian Sullivan - Patricia Lalonde  - Ashley Morris - George Contos – Jackson Miller – Cameron Remmer – Shawn Dickerson – Cristian Hughes – Sean Sidi - Jason Reil – Keith Crawford- Sierra LaMar -Charlotte Trego - Angela Whalen Hudson - Reny Jose - Josh Davis Jr - Timmothy Pitzen - Kortne Stouffer - Ashley Carroll - Patricia Vaughan - Charles Horvath - Jesse Ross - Christina Morris - Julie Ann Gonzalez - Kristopher Lewis - Luke Stout - Ayla Reynolds - Norma Shultz - Rose Marie Gayhart - Shane Fell --Brandon Lawson - Sierra Shields - Domonique Holley-Grisham - Robert Mayer- Stacy Peterson - Adriana Garcia - Christina Whitaker - Shanna Peoples - Zoe Campos - Elsha Rivera

By LostNMissing Inc

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