Missing: Gary Mayberry - Sept. 22, 2015 - Hudson, FL

#Missing Gary Mayberry
Date last seen September 22, 2015 
Hudson, Florida/County Pasco

Gary Mayberry is currently homeless but always keeps contact with his brother Larry Mayberry. Larry has not heard from or seen Gary since Mid September 2015.

Date entered 01/01/2016
Age last seen 34 to years old
Age now 35 years old
Race White
Ethnicity Other
Sex Male
Height (inches) 69.0
Weight (pounds) 200.0

Hair color Brown/Long Wavy
Clean Shaven
Left eye color Hazel
Right eye color Hazel
Eye description
Lazy eye in both eyes.


Other distinctive
physical characteristics
Large Purple/ Red Birth Mark across right side of face, covering nose, eye and eyebrow.

Black Shirt, Black Basketball Shorts.

Status: Initial inquiry underway

Fingerprint Information
Status: Fingerprint information is available elsewhere

Investigating Agency
Title Detective
First name Robert
Last name Sell
Phone 7272693970
Case number 15-037559
Date reported October 08, 2015
NamUs MP # 31964
Jurisdiction County
Agency Pasco Sheriff's Office
Address 1 8700 Citizen Drive
City New Port Richey
State Florida
Zip code 34654

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