Earthly body located; Colton Wilson, - Lake County, Colorado

LEADVILLE, Colo. — The body of a missing college student in Leadville was found Friday morning with the help of Colorado Forensic Canines.

Colton Wilson was last seen Thursday, January 29th. His body was found about 50 yards off a popular trail in a remote area on the campus of Colorado Mountain College.

Mike McHargue, the Lake County Emergency Manager said, "It was about 50 yards from that in an almost un-trafficable area." He added, "It's very difficult, even with snow shoes or skis, to go very far unless you're on a trail."

Colorado Mountain College encompasses more than 250 acres and most of it is open space.

Search and Rescue teams began looking for Wilson Saturday after his father filed a missing person's report. Then, the Sheriff's Office confirmed he wasn't with friends.


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