CRITICAL #MISSING: Brittany Redford-Gonzales, 25 - Edgewood, NEW MEXICO (her debit card was used in Albuquerque, NM and in Clovis, NM - development level of a 12 year old)

In the early morning of New Year's Day, while her parents slept and the snow fell, 25-year-old Brittany Redford-Gonzales snuck out of her house and has not been seen since.
Redford-Gonzales, of Edgewood, is mentally disabled and is believed to be going to Texas, her stepmother Veronica Gonzales said.
The last indication of her whereabouts was a debit card used in Clovis where her bank account was cleaned out, Veronica Gonzales said.
Redford-Gonzales' debit card was previously used twice Thursday in Albuquerque and for the last time in Clovis.
Jamar McDaniel has been named by Torrance County Sheriff Heath White as a person of interest in Redford-Gonzales' disappearance. White said McDaniel is not a suspect at this time, but may have information about Redford-Gonzales' whereabouts. Redford-Gonzales' family say that the two may have some sort of relationship.
McDaniel has family in Austin, Texas, and this may where she or they are going, Veronica Gonzales said.
No surveillance of any kind was reported. Redford-Gonzales has not reportedly been seen with anyone.
Ernest Gonzales, Brittany's father, said that, when his daughter was in high school, she ran away from home to her boyfriend's house and was found very soon after.
The oldest of five, Redford-Gonzales was a Special Olympian, Veronica Gonzales said.
"We don't know where she is or who she's with," she said.
White and the family said that Redford-Gonzales is mentally disabled and operates on a seventh-grade level. She may be 25 years old, but she is still naive, Gonzales said.
"Brittany doesn't make large plans," Gonzales said. "We wonder if she is in a warm bed, if she's safe, if she's sleeping in her car or if she's on the streets."
Gonzales said the family celebrated New Year's Eve together and retired to their bedrooms. In the morning, he found that a basketball and large pillow had been placed in her bed to resemble a person and Brittany had left through a window.
He said Brittany had recently confided with friends that she planned to run away to Texas.
Barbara Johnstad, Brittany's boss at Burger Boy in Cedar Crest, said she always gets a ride to and from work with a relative or another employee and everyone who knows her is worried. Brittany has worked as a waitress there for five years.
"She's so sweet, so vulnerable and so innocent," Johnstad said. "We're all so worried."
Anyone with information on Redford-Gonzales' whereabouts can call the Torrance County Sheriff's Office at 246-4773 or emergency dispatchers at 384-9631.
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