#MISSING: Roberto Palestina - Port Isabel, TEXAS (Mysteries disappearance)

Mariela Peralta holds back tears as she remembers the last time she saw her boyfriend and father of her unborn baby.
She says the night Roberto Palestina disappeared he was on his way to visit her at work and leave her food, but he never showed up.
"Right now I'm sad, I don't know in the condition he is or what's going on. He hasn't called or anything to let us know he's ok we don't know anything. He's never done this to me," said Peralta.
That was the night of December second.
The next morning family set out to look for him.
All they found was Palestina's car in alleyway with the lights on and the keys on the seat.
"He wouldn't leave the car like that because he knew that's the only transportation we both had, so I don't think he would leave it like that out in the open especially in Laguna Heights."
Even police are baffled. Lieutenant Omar Olguin with Port Isabel police, says he has never seen a case quite like this one.
"We haven't had him in the police department; we don't know him as a troublemaker. He's a mechanic by trade. Again like his girlfriend said, it's strange that he suddenly disappeared," said Olguin.
Right now, Perlata is holding out for hope that Palestina will be found.
"I try to control myself because I'm pregnant and I know my stress and depression could hurt my baby, so I just try to stay calm."
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