#MISSING: Carie Zapletal, 48 - Memphis, TENNESSEE

A daughter is desperate to find her mother who has been missing for nine days.
Carie Zapletal, 48, went missing more than a week ago on December 2. Braving cold temperatures, Zapletal's daughter Shelbie Fuller and sister-in-law posted flyers Thursday in the area near Whitten and Appling Roads where the missing mom was reportedly last seen.
"I have a feeling that something bad has happened," said Fuller, "Of course you're always going to think the worst and pray for the best."
According to a City Watch issued by Memphis police, Zapletal left home walking. 
"I don't think my mom just walked away," said Fuller, "That's not my mom and she wouldn't have done that without contact."
Police said Zapletal was wearing a black sweater, dark jeans and reportedly suffers from depression.
Fuller believes that information was inaccurately reported to investigators.
"She's never been diagnosed with depression," said Fuller, "She's never been on any depression medications. That (missing persons narrative) is going by her husband and that's not true."
Pleading with her friends on social media to share Zapletal's photos, Fuller desperately wants her mom home for Christmas.
"If my mom is watching, please come home," said Fuller. "We do love you and we do miss you and we just want you back."
If you have information that could help investigators, call Memphis Missing Persons at 901-636-4446 or 901-545-2677.
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Justamom said...

I truly hope Memphis PD will put more effort into finding Carrie now that it's aired on dr. Phil. The husband and daughter acted VERY SUSPICIOUS on the show talking in circles and changing stories.