Earthly body located; Kelsey Danielle Miller 28 - Lincoln, Nebraska

A woman missing since Thanksgiving Day has been found dead, and Lincoln police think her husband killed her.

Kelsey Danielle Miller, 28, was last seen Nov. 27 at a shelter for domestic violence victims. Her body was found Sunday in a unit at Big Red Self Storage, 7001 Custer St.

On Thursday, police arrested her 33-year-old husband, Kevin Michael Miller, on suspicion of assaulting her on Nov. 22. They arrested him again Sunday night, this time on suspicion of second-degree murder and illegally disposing of human remains, Police Chief Jim Peschong said Monday.



Jack Joe said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this outcome. Volent deaths are clearly horrible ones.
but when done by the very one who had vowed to care for and Protect..
well it's just that more heart breaking.

I mean What is really going on!?
I'm thinking many are confusing 'Love' with something entirely different. They got to be.
and as words from a bystander i feel the need to add the following:
when a women (or anyone) no longer loves you, it isn't something you can talk them back into or beat back into them. No one chooses who they love. Nor when the love has gone.

Love is a gift.
and like a gift it can be broken.

may she rest in peace...
may her family and those who knew and truly loved her find an inner peace and strength to carry forward.

LostNMissing, Inc said...

I agree , Jack. It is terrible that someone chooses to harm another as opposed to doing something else to move on in a positive way. It tears many hearts and alters the lives of all who love the lost one....forever.