Earthly body located; Kristy Kelley 27 - Boonville, Indiana

Kristy Kelley, the Indiana woman who vanished on Aug. 15 after a night out with friends, has been found.

According to police in Warrick County, sonar equipment used by an independent search team found the 27-year-old mom's 2003 Nissan Xterra in a lake near her home.

Kelley's body was still inside. Her death has been ruled as an accidental drowning; there is no indication of any criminal involvement.

Kelly's father, Todd Scales, shared the grim news on the Help Find Kristy Kelley Facebook page. "As much as I hate to inform you all, Kristy's car was found this afternoon in a body of water," he wrote Tuesday night. "The vehicle was lifted by crane to preserve it. They believe it to be Kristy who is inside the vehicle at this time. We thank you all for your prayers."

Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse also released a statement about Kelley's death.

"The Kristy Kelley Missing Person case is coming to a close," he said. "Not the outcome that anyone wanted, but hopefully will bring some closure and some peace to her family. Our prayers go out to them."


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