Missing: Jane Ashby, 62 - Tooele, Utah (Red Ford Escape UT tag #B33 8RG) - Check your property

Attention:  Draper, American Fork, Tooele, and Payson….Please check your property and neighborhoods.

Please check for disturbances of branches for off road accident, skid marks and other disturbances.

Mrs. Ashby may be distressed as she has been extremely depressed since the loss of her husband to cancer last year.


Missing: Jane Ashby

Case: Missing

Missing From: Tooele, Utah

Missing Date: July 31, 2013

Race: W Sex: F

Age at Time Missing: 62 years old

Height: 5'2″

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes: Wears glasses

Clothing: She was last seen wearing jeans and a button-down shirt left unbuttoned over the top of a T-shirt.

Scars/Piercings/Unique Marks: Recent accident required stitches in her cheek

Transportation: driving a 2011 red Ford Escape with the license plate B33 8RG

Police Agency: Draper Police Dept., (801) 576-6300, Tooele Police (435) 882-8900 or the Payson Police at (801) 465-5240, or your local police.


Jane Ashby has been very depressed since the loss of her husband last year. She started taking antidepressant medication a few weeks before going missing and her behavior had become erratic since.Her family and friends are very worried and fear she may cause harm to herself. Her cell phone initially pinged in the Draper, Utah area but has since (last ping) occurred in the American Fork region. However, it is not known if her phone was truly in the American Fork area as that may have been the backup cell tower that created the ping. Police have been searching both areas. Police have now also been able to confirm that Ashby's credit card was used at 11 a.m. at a Tooele Walmart shortly after she left her home on Wednesday. Her $5 purchase has left her family devastated. "It shows she bought bleach and Drano," her daughter said. "When those are mixed together it creates a very poisonous gas. If she has mixed them in her vehicle, it could be very dangerous to open. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, so if someone finds the vehicle, just call the police." Jane Ashby had expressed suicidal thoughts, according to her daughter, and fears the worst. "It breaks my heart that she was in that much pain," her daughter further added. "It is not like her, but nothing she was doing was like her. It was like she was a different person," her daughter cried. Her family ask that anyone who spots her, or her vehicle, to please call authorities.

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