A Mother of a Missing Loved One

She wakes each morning, 
wondering if in 
a bad dream?
It doesn't feel real, 
she silently screams.

A distraught mother,
must carry a face,
to be there for others,
with patience and grace.

While inside she's crying,
and wanting to know why?
The deep pain in the mother,
one can never deny.

Her head is throbbing,
as her reality wakes.
It's really true,
and so much heartache.

She stares ahead, 
not sure how to go on,
realizes for certain,
her child's really gone.

She dresses and prepares, 
herself for the day,
lights a candle, and kneels,
then begins to pray...

"Lord let them find him,
and he be safe and sound. 
Do whatever it takes,
as he must be found."

For her heart is broken,
totally numb inside,
She prays to see him,
with arms open wide.

To have her child, 
come walk through the door,
and rip up the posters,
he's missing no more.

There should be no such thing,
As a mother of missing, 
For a child should be there,
and not just reminiscing.

If he were yours, 
I'm sure you would be,
As frantic and lost,
Just as she.

Don't walk past the poster,
With nary a glance,
For you may make recognition,
give finding a chance.

Should you see a plea,
that's posted online,
read it and share it,
give hope to her mind.

If you have the answers,
but afraid to say,
send it anonymously,
please pave the way.

written by, CCaron /LostNMissing, Inc

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