Missing Chelsea Cobo, young mother, Brooklyn, NY since May 7, 2016

Missing: Chelsea Michelle Cobo
Last Seen: May 07, 2016
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Age at time: 22 yrs
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Long, brown with
lighter ends
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos: "I fly with my
own wings" on left hip.
Piercings: Nose
Clothes: last wearing black
glasses, black sweater,
black jacket, gray pants with
white stripe down side,
and brown Uggs.

If info, or seen,
please call
the NYPD Missing at
(212) 694-7781
Case #KNMP3948

Circumstances: Chelsea Cobo, mother of an infant son, was last seen leaving a restaurant/club "La Floridita" in Sunset Park with an unidentified man. Her family, and son, desperately seek help finding her.

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