Want to win a $100 VISA gift card??? Here is how:

Want to win a $100 VISA gift card??? Here is how:
We have an extension of only a couple weeks to raise the needed $1150. Right now we only have $215. We don't want to lose this contract opportunity for the billboards Please....please , please , please....donate $5, or more if you can. Look at it as an "extra Christmas gift" that you're buying someone. This billboard may be what is needed to get answers on what has happened to Adrianna, and/or where she is. PLEASE. So yes, to ensure we reach our goals....we are going to sweeten the pot. EVERY DONOR who donates...we will put their names in a basket and the name drawn will win a $100 Visa gift certificate, if and only if we reach goal!!!! And this includes the names of those who already have donated. WE NEED THIS BILLBOARD, please!!! This shouldn't be hard to do to reach goal IF everyone who is reading this donates $5. We will stop the campaign once goal is met of $1150...............
Some are leery of online donations, therefore, 1. You can mail a check to :
LostNMissing, Inc.
26 Noyes Road
Londonderry, NH 03053
In subject line for memo, put: BILLBOARD/ADRIANNA
Any checks received...we will cash and enter your donation in the GOFUNDME and credit with your name.
2. You can also Donate via Paypal by sending your donation to and in the comments indicate: FOR ADRIANNA'S BILLBOARD We will then match what you put in the Paypal account and will put it on the GOFUNDME account with credit to your name.
3. We are keeping open transparency so everyone knows who donated and the amounts.
4. All donors will receive a tax exempt letter, by request if under $25 by emailing with your mailing address. If your donation is over $25, we will contact you for the information and will mail your tax exempt letter.
5. REMEMBER...only if we reach goal, of which I am confident we should, and if you donated $5 or more....your name goes into a drawing for the $100.
Thank you.

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