POS ID: Rosemary Diaz, 15 - Missing 25 years in Texas, body found may be hers

Update: August 2016
Body found identified as missing teen from 1990
The remains of a 15-year-old girl were possibly found in Texas, 25 years after she went missing.
Rosemary Diaz disappeared on Nov. 24, 1990, after leaving work at a country food store near her home in Danevang.
Investigators believe they have now cracked the mystery in their search for the missing teenager when they found bone fragments at a house belonging to a suspect.
Wharton County law enforcement authorities called in Texas EquuSearch to assist when the remarkable breakthrough was made.
"We got lucky. We found a ring. We all cried," said EquuSearch founder Tim Miller, reported
After an excavation of the site the following day, more remains were found.

Although investigators and a forensic anthropologist still need to make a positive identification, Diaz's devastated family believe it is Rosemary's remains.
"I know it's her. This is not the outcome we were hoping for," said Irma Diaz, Rosemary's sister.
"We just want to lay her to rest. My mother says a weight has been lifted on her shoulders. Now she can finally lay her daughter to rest."
The remains will be sent for further forensic testing to determine just how she may have died.
Authorities said the suspect in the abduction is now deceased.
"I can't speculate what happened after she disappeared, other than she is deceased," said Sgt. Scott Grosser of the Wharton County Sheriff's Office.

"She was found in a shallow grave in a remote, wooded area. That is what we expected all along.
"Exactly how did the abduction happen, there's no way to know because stores didn't have a lot of video security systems back in those days."
The young woman's remains were found on a 60-acre property belonging to the suspect's family, but the family is cooperating with the investigation, officials say.
The suspect in the Diaz disappearance allegedly made "several confessions over time," and the family turned the information over after his death.
The Wharton County Sheriff's Office, the Matagorda County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Rangers and members of the Texas EquuSearch organization assisted in the investigation and search. 

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