Missing w Autism: James Ross Allen, 18 - (6'3" tall) Lewiston, ME (Possibly boarded bus to California) 11-17-2015

​Lewiston Police are currently looking for a missing 18-year-old man who they say boarded a bus to California earlier this week.

Police say 18-year-old James Ross Allen, boarded a bus headed to Hollywood, California Saturday afternoon.

Police say Allen has very limited money, probably less than $20 in cash. They also say Allen has a speech impediment and is autistic. Police say the father is pretty sure he got on the bus and left Lewiston. Police tracked the bus in Ohio and boarded the bus, but were not able locate Allen. The bus route was scheduled to travel from Portland to Wells, Portsmouth, Boston, New York city, Penn. and then Cleveland, Ohio. Police are not sure if he is at any of these stops, but police know he did make it to Portland.

There has been no social media activity and his phone has been turned off, Police say. They do not know if his phone had died, but mentioned he did leave his charger at home.

The detective on the case, said Allen was reported missing by his father on Monday.

Police describe Allen as tall and lanky, and is about 6' 3' tall. Police also say he is wearing blue jeans and a blue or green jacket and may be carrying a small backpack.

Anybody who knows where Allen is urged to their local police department or Lewiston police at 207-531-3001 ext. 3320.

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