Endangered Missing: Noel Alkaramla, 21 - Troy, NY - Nov. 22, 2015

The mother of Noel Alkaramla said she is launching her own search of the city, because police have not done an adequate job of looking for her 21-year-old daughter, who has been missing since Sunday night.

Debra Napoli-Oquendo, recently of Malone, said she is concerned about her daughter's mental health and worries that she might end her life if she is not found and helped.

The mother and daughter lost several family members in a December fire in their Orange County home in 2001, Napoli-Oquendo said. Since then, Alkaramla has suffered from post-traumatic stress at this time of year. She may be without medication to alleviate her symptoms.

"She's a danger (to herself) and I don't know how she is, and I don't know how she disappeared," Napoli-Oquendo said.

Alkaramla was last seen Sunday night. A co-worker from Verdile's Restaurant in Lansingburgh dropped her near her home at 116 Washington St. On Monday, a neighbor found documents with Alkaramla's personal information on the street.

Napoli-Oquendo said her daughter's belongings were found in front of a burned-out building in the 300 block of Washington.

Inside the otherwise abandoned building was a single room with a curtain, chair, table, ashtray and cable hookup, according to Napoli-Oquendo, who said she has combed the area herself since getting into town on Wednesday.

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Alkaramla was last seen wearing black pants, a black blouse and a tan coat with a fur hood. She is 21 and is about 5-foot-1. Police said she weighs about 135 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (518) 270-4411.

"Something's really wrong," she said.

Friends from downstate are on their way to Troy to help Napoli-Oquendo look for her daughter, she said.

Troy police spokesman Dan DeWolf said earlier Friday that police have found no further leads to Alkaramla's whereabouts, despite a search of alleys and cross streets near the young woman's home.

"It's tough," DeWolf said. "There's no other information about her."

In a later email, DeWolf wrote, "The investigation has our utmost attention."

Napoli-Oquendo and Alkaramla had moved to Griswold Heights Apartments in 2005. The 53-year-old mother described herself as a disabled single mother. She lived in Troy until last month, when she moved to Malone, near the Canadian border.

Alkaramla lived in an apartment with her partner, Napoli-Oquendo said.

A manager at Verdile's told the Times Union on Monday that Alkaramla was quiet and sweet.

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