Endangered #Missing: Gerald Joyce - Nashville, TENNESSEE (recently diagnosed with stage three lung cancer)

[Endangered Missing: Gerald Joyce Nashville, TENNESSEE (recently diagnosed with stage three lung cancer)]

Nashville man who was just diagnosed with cancer has now gone missing. 

His family is frantically searching for him and worried he may be lost and forgotten how to get home. 

Sunday marks ten days since Gerald Joyce has been missing from his Nashville home in Berry Hill. 

It was just three weeks ago he was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. 

From the outside of Joyce's home, one may think he is inside. 

Through the front door you can see the T.V. still on along with the lamps and outside lights. 

"To me that was shocking, I thought why would he leave all that on, it was bizarre," said Karen Helmandollar, Joyce's sister. 

The ghosts, pumpkins and Halloween decorations outside his home stand as a reminder he has not been heard from since two days before Halloween. 

"We have no clue where he may have went we are just at a loss and that is so hard the not knowing," said Helmandollar. 

Joyce's family lives in Virginia.

Joyce moved to Nashville this summer for work, being a wedding planner and interior decorator. 

While his job was filled with love and excitement, that took a quick turn last month when he was diagnosed with cancer. 

 "It was enough to where we recognized something was wrong," said Helmandollar.

Helmandollar told Channel 4 News the cancer may have spread to his brain as he was having a hard time remembering things.  

"He kept asking us what day it was," said Helmandollar when she was in Nashville visiting him in October. 

She is now worried her brother may have left the house and can't remember how to get home. 

Whatever it may be his friends and family are searching, and now using facebook to get the word out. 

"I was very shocked when I went to bed last night there were 600 people wanting to be in the group and when I woke up this morning there were over 2,000. I was like wow that is amazing!" said Helmandollar.

For a man who spent his life making love happen, the love his family has for him is evident as the search for where Gerald Joyce is continues. 

A missing persons report has been filed with metro police. 

Police did do a wellness check on him, finding his cell phone and laptop at his home. 

Helmandollar said police told her they do not suspect foul play. 

Channel 4 News did ask Helmandollar if Joyce may have been suicidal and she says she does not believe so. 

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