Attention FAMILIES OF MISSING. Need your 30 second video clip!

Need your 30 second video clip!

Final Extension. Must send video by this weekend....LAST Chance, please. The release of this video movie will be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is so beautifully poignant and will get attention. I'd hate any family to miss out on this opportunity. Here are the instructions: 
Attention Families of Missing. (Please share to and with all families of missing.) an example of what we're seeking is attached.
Thank you. this:

Dear Families of Missing:

We are in the process of making an Awareness video and hope we can get it to go viral. We will also use on our website, etc. I am calling on families of missing to participate. This is what I need:

1. Use your cell or video camera to record a video of yourself. Be sure clear, closeup and in good lighting. ROTATE CAMERA sideways FOR A WIDER SCREEN VIDEO, IF POSS

2. Hold a photo or missing poster of your loved missing. You don't have to say missing' name as we will type that in.

3. Use one to three word descriptions, only, expressing best possible adjectives that you endure daily in your search, while holding poster/photo.

Examples: Anticipation. (Very brief pause) Fear. (Very brief pause.) Confusion. (Very brief pause) Anger. (Very brief pause) Heartache. (Very brief pause) Lack of Sleep.
(Very brief pause) Hope. (Very brief pause) Despair......etc

4. Please use your own best adjectives. Try to limit 1-4 words each description. Use a thesaurus to help find words, if you like. You can be creative, for example...4 family members in video, all holding photo...each saying one word.

5. Keep entire clip less than one minute.

6. Text the clip with the words " I give LostNMissing" permission to use for video and marketing purposes" with your of missing and upload your clip to text number: 603-548-6548 , or email:  by November 22, 2015

Thank you.
LostNMissing, Inc

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