#Missing: Trace Tipton, 22 - Portland, OREGON (driving a white Chevrolet Astro Van)

It was suppose to be a post-retirement, cross-country camping trip and now an Indiana family is searching for their missing, Portland-area son, 22-year-old Trace Tipton. 
Kim Mays and her husband left shortly before Labor Day. They stopped in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho; the entire time sending pictures of their travels to Tipton who would join them, camper in tow, on the trip.
Mays texted her son on the September 19, letting him know they were getting closer. He replied with a simple, "love you." Two-weeks later, she hasn't heard from him since.
According to friends, Tipton was last seen on September 13 in his White Chevrolet Astro Van near the McDonalds on NE 82nd Avenue in Portland.

His mother says Tipton, who was living out of his van as part of work he was doing on a book about living on the streets in Portland, had made plans to do charity work on September 20.
"My son and I love camping. We were looking forward to this for weeks," said Mays. "There's no way he'd ever skip out, especially with me traveling so far to kick off our trip."
"We need to know what has happened to him that's all. We want to know and I want to find him. I want to find him. I want to tell him -- I want to see him. I want to see him," Mays continued.
Tipton has lived in Portland for the last three-years. His family says it is out of character to fall out of touch with his family, especially with family traveling to see him. Gresham Police are investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to call Gresham Police.


Amy Kinney
Missing Alerts Manager
Board of Director
LostNMissing, Inc.
501c(3) Nonprofit 

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