#MISSING: Sidney Cranston Jr., 40 - Kingsman, ARIZONA (from AZ but moved to Mexico for a year and came back to AZ on business)

A Wilson resident's son was reported missing in Arizona earlier this month.

Sidney Cranston Jr., 40, was a real estate agent for 12 years in Kingman, Ariz., before taking an early, short retirement in Mexico for about a year and a half, according to his father, Sidney Cranston Sr. of Wilson.

Cranston Jr. had returned to Arizona to tend to business and was reportedly set to show an unknown property to an unknown client on June 16, but he never showed up for the appointment.

Cranston Sr. believes his son was abducted.

"There is no way my son would miss an appointment," he told the Union-Sun & Journal this week. "It's not like him, he's a responsible kid."

According to the Kingman Daily Miner, after Cranston Jr. was reported missing, his cell phone was "pinged" — the battery was dead — but police traced his last call and found that it came from a house that his friend was working on at the time.

A neighbor told Chris Cranston, Sidney Jr.'s younger brother, that on the afternoon of June 16, he had seen a white SUV with tinted windows pull up to the side of the house, where Sidney had a brief conversation with someone inside. The neighbor said he was working on something and looked away briefly, and when he looked back both the SUV and Cranston Jr. were gone. Cranston Jr.'s motorcycle was still at the house, though, along with his laptop and office briefcase.

It is believed that Cranston Jr. had thousands of dollars on him when he went missing and there has been no activity on his bank account since June 16, the Daily Miner reported.

Cranston Sr. says police identified several people of interest in Sidney's disappearance but they offered no useful information. At this point, he said, neither Kingman Police Department nor the Mohave County Sheriff's Office has any leads on his son's whereabouts.

"He never came back; he's just gone. It's like a UFO came and picked him up," Cranston Sr. said. "The police don't know anything about his case."

Cranston Jr. is described as standing 5-feet-9-inches tall, weighing 162 pounds and having brown hair, blue eyes and light facial hair growth. When he was last seen, reportedly he was wearing a gray ball cap, prescription glasses, a white sleeveless T-shirt, jeans and multicolored tennis shoes.

A team of three private detectives, including a bails bondsman, have been hired by Sidney's brothers, according to Cranston Sr.

If seen or have information call 911. 



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