Silver Alert cancelled located safe; Marie Ruggiero, 87 - Flagler County, FLORIDA

A woman who went missing from Palm Coast early Friday morning was found Saturday at Jacksonville University, police said.
Marie Ruggiero, 87, of Palm Coast reportedly left her home around 11:30 a.m. to pick up a tag for her pet at Palm Coast City Hall.
She was discovered by JU security on the school's campus around 4:50 a.m. Saturday morning asking for directions home.
Prior to her being found, Flagler County Sheriff's Office got a call around 10:30 p.m. on Friday that a woman had given Ruggiero directions to I-95. When the tipster got home after giving directions she watched the news and learned that the woman she'd helped was missing.
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is working with FCSO and Ruggiero's family to bring her back to Palm Coast.
Officials also said they will provide the information of Wanderer's Assist Program to the Ruggieros. The initiative is designed to help the safe return of those who wandered due to medical or mental health conditions.
The Florida Department of Children and Families was notified to help the family as well.


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