#MISSING ARMY SPC.: Danny Domres, 20 - Colorado Springs, COLORADO (walked off Fort Carson Army base - from Chicago, IL area)

 Sunday morning, Tom Domres' world changed completely.
That's when the dad of 2012 Oswego High School graduate Army Spc. Danny Domres learned his son had gone missing without explanation from his Colorado Springs, Colo., Army base and hadn't been heard from since.
"I just want him back. I just want him found," Tom Domres said.
Danny Domres, 20, was declared AWOL on May 11, according to Fort Carson spokeswoman Daneta Johnson. He is an infantryman who has been in the Army for nearly three years, Johnson said.
Danny walked-off the Fort Carson Army base after he was questioned about missing work and 9 a.m. formation, his father said. Army superiors found Danny in his bunk, his father said."We are concerned about his whereabouts and status," she said.
Danny had been withdrawing from family and friends since his August 2014 transfer to Fort Carson, his father said. In the six weeks leading up to his disappearance, he never called home once. Not even for Mother's Day, Domres said.
"He was completely off the grid. We didn't hear a thing," Tom Domres said.
On Sunday, that changed. Domres said the family finally got news, but it wasn't the kind it had been hoping for.
Domres reached one of Danny's Army friends and was told his son had walked off base six days before. Danny was gone, and the trail was cold.
Tom Domres was on a plane Monday morning headed to Colorado to get answers about his son. But he believes his son may eventually be found in Oswego where he has roots and friends.
"He was succeeding there. The command really liked him," Domres said. "They wanted him to keep going."Danny Domres enlisted with the Army after graduation in 2012. He began his career at Fort Knox in Kentucky where he excelled, his dad said.
When Danny returned home from a nine-month tour in Afghanistan and his Fort Knox unit disbanded, things were never the same, Domres said. In August 2014, Danny and his unit members were sent across the country to different brigades, and everything changed, Domres said. Danny began withdrawing from friends, he said.
"He made some bad decisions," Domres said about his son. "I just want to get him back. I want to talk to him and ask him what's going on. We've all made stupid mistakes. We've all done dumb things," but the most important thing is to get Danny back home, he said.
So, Domres has planted his feet in Colorado where he is handing out fliers, speaking with police and crawling up the military chain of command for information.
"I don't know how he got off base. He just disappeared," Domres said.

"He left his old cellphones, his laptop, some civilian and military clothes. I don't know what he took with him," Domres said.After being confronted by his superiors, Danny allegedly went to the bathroom. When he was checked on 30 minutes later, he was gone, Domres said.
What he does know is that friends of Danny's have banded together to see that he makes his way home.
"The military guys, his friends, family, everyone wants to do something," Domres said. "I had a psychic reach out to me ... I don't care if it's channeling someone or someone just giving a prayer, I think it's great that people are being so helpful."
Domres, who now lives in Minnesota, believes Danny might reach out to his friends in Oswego and is asking anyone that may have heard from his son to give him a call.
"Oswego is his home," Domres said. "That's probably where he would go if he left Colorado."
Anyone with information about Danny's whereabouts can call the Army officials ask anyone with information on his whereabouts to call 719-526-2333.
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