Located safe; Marisa Kaluhiokalani, 27 - Woodbury Heights, NEW JERSEY

Marisa Kaluhiokalani, 27, went missing Feb. 2 and was found nearly three weeks later. (Photos provided)

The family of a Woodbury Heights woman who went missing at the beginning of February announced on Sunday that Marisa Kaluhiokalani had been found.

The author of a Facebook page created by family and friends called "Help Find Marisa" posted at about 1 p.m. to break the news. Kaluhiokalani had been missing for just under three weeks. Relatives said she had been found Saturday evening.

"Marisa has been found. She is home safe with her family and we just ask for some time to heal," read the status update. "Thank you everyone for all your love, prayers, and help. You have no idea what it means to us and Marisa."


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