CRITICAL #MISSING: Felicia "Lisa" Weaver, 52 - Blount County, ALABAMA (fire broke out Feb. 5th where she lived and hasn't been seen since - has COPD and requires oxygen due to this condition)

The last time Michael Mullins spoke with his mother, she was sitting in her bed playing on her iPad.
Several hours later, the family's Blount County home had burned to the ground and 52-year-old Felicia Weaver, known to her family and friends as Lisa, was nowhere to be found. Weaver's health had deteriorated to the point where she could barely get around by herself, and the family had only recently discussed bringing in hospice care. "I know in my heart 200 percent she just didn't up and leave,'' Michael Mullins said.
Authorities have remained tight-lipped on the probe, but said they've carried out a methodical and intense investigation into Weaver's disappearance. "Law enforcement has worked tirelessly on the search for Lisa, including cadaver dogs, helicopter and foot search, and reviewing evidence,'' Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey told today. "We have subpoenaed medical records, phone records, and bank records of Lisa Weaver. Many man hours have gone into looking for her. We do have a person of interest in the matter. But, at this time, we will not be releasing any further information related to the investigation."
The fire broke out on Thursday, Feb. 5, at the Hayden home where Weaver lived with her ex-husband, Edward Mullins, and two of her three sons in Hayden. Suffering from COPD and requiring oxygen, Weaver had moved back in with her ex-husband so he and her sons could care for her. "He was providing for her and taking care of her,'' said Paulina Mullins, Weaver's daughter-in-law. "They were like best friends."
Michael Mullins said he talked to his mom about 12:30 p.m. via text while he was out with friends. They touched base a few more times throughout the afternoon, and then he said she no longer responded. He started trying to call her, and got no answer. He soon learned the house was on fire. More than a half dozen volunteer fire departments responded to the scene.
"By the time I got there, the house was fully engulfed,'' Michael Mullins said. "My dad and my uncle and brothers were already there."
Family members at first believed Weaver was home when the blaze erupted, especially since her car was there and because she rarely left alone. Firefighters searched the home, finding the remains of the family's three dogs. Weaver, however, was not found in the charred debris. "They are 100 percent certain there are no human remains in the house,'' Paulina Mullins said.
In the hours and days that followed, more searches were done, including the use of cadaver dogs and helicopters. Family members say they are baffled. Weaver, they said, could barely walk 100 yards without having to stop to catch her breath and rest. "She either left on her own free will, or she was taken,'' Paulina Mullins said. "We have enough faith in our mother that she would have at least contacted somone. She would not put her sons, or Edward through this pain."
Authorities have not said what sparked the blaze. "All we were told was an accelerant wasn't used,'' Paulina Mullins said.
The family said the past three weeks have been almost unbearable. They have set up a Facebook page to help get out the word. "These men are so strong and to see them break down emotional because they don't know where their mom is is heartbreaking,'' Paulina Mullins said.
Michael Mullins, the eldest son, said the family hopes to get back out this weekend and search more. "That's the only thing we know to do,'' he said. "We need closure. We want to give my mother the respect and burial, if something bad did happen to her, that she deserves. Me and my brothers just want answers."
Anyone with information is asked to call the Blount County Sheriff's Office.

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