#MISSING COUPLE: Bud and June Runion, 60's - Cobb County, GEORGIA (left to go look at a car they found on Craigslist that was advertised in McRae, GA - they made it to McRae Thursday at 5:30pm)

Police across the state of Georgia are searching for missing Cobb County couple.
Family members say Bud and June Runion, both in their late 60s, left their Marietta home Thursday to go look at a car they found on Craigslist.
The 1966 Mustang was advertised in McRae, Georgia, in Telfair County.
The Runions' daughters say no one has heard from the couple since Thursday morning.
Cellphone data showed the couple made it to McRae. Their last known location was in McRae at 5:30 p.m. Thursday.
Their cellphones are now off and family members have not been able to ping the phones to find a location.
The Runions' children filed a missing persons report Friday.
They say it is evident that their parents intended to come straight home after buying the car, and they are now very concerned.
Family members have reached out to hospitals, sheriff's offices, and hotels from Cobb County to Telfair County.
Telfair County sheriff's deputies searched the area where the Runions' last phone call took place on Friday. Police say the phone they called was a burner cell phone.
The burner phone's ping has since moved south, according to police. Search and rescue teams, along with a Georgia State Patrol helicopter, continued their search Saturday.
The couple was last seen driving a 2003 champagne-colored GMC Envoy.
If you have any information please contact police.
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