Missing: Ella Anderson - Southfield, MI since 4/23/2013 (Check Homeless areas)

**Please check the streets, women shelters and homeless camps


Name of Missing: Ella M. Andrews

Nicknames/Alias: Michelle

Case: Endangered/Medical Needs

Year of Birth: 1961

Age at time missing: 53

Date Missing: Apr 23, 2013

Missing From: Southfield, Michigan

Sex: Female

Race: African-American

Hair Color: Dark Brown/black with grey

Hair Style: Shorter length (not past chin)

Eye Color: Brown

Eyewear: Glasses and contacts

Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: 175lbs

Other: She has screws in her left ankle from surgery; She walks with a limp

Scars: She has a scar on her stomach from a c-section

Clothing last known wearing: Baby blue jogging suit black shoes and a tan coat that has a fur-lined hood.



Police Agency:    Southfield Police Dept, Det. Autumn Ceci, at (248) 796-5500

Case # 13-15068  NamUs Case #20782


Circumstance: Daughter referred to a group/adult home for her mother as she was attending to treat her depression. Ms. Andrews ran away from daughter's home, where she was living, twice.  The second time she was readmitted into the hospital and released to the group home. Three days after she arrived at the group home Ms. Andrews wandered off in the 27000 block of Pebblebrook Street, on foot, without any belongings and has not been seen since.




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