Danny Kiko Gallegos, 35, Braden Parker Emerson, 23, and Levi Joseph Collins, 34 - Salt Lake City, UTAH (vehicle found abandoned near Jordan River)

Police say test results from the Utah State Crime Lab have confirmed that some of the blood found in an abandoned vehicle came from one of three men who have been missing since Nov. 1.
Levi Collins, 34, Danny Kiko Gallegos, 35, and Braden Parker Emerson, 23, have not been seen in nearly two weeks. Family members say the three are all close friends and were reportedly going to ride ATVs on the day they were last seen.
On Nov. 3, a white SUV was found abandoned near the Jordan River surplus canal at 1740 W. 1500 South. A large amount of blood was found inside, but Salt Lake police have not said where in the vehicle or how much blood was found.
Friday, Salt Lake police detective Veronica Montoya said some of the blood in the vehicle matches one of the missing men's DNA. She did not say which man, but noted that that man's family has been informed of the discovery.
Montoya said police were still waiting for test results on additional blood swabs.
Investigators had also been looking for a trailer and an Arctic Cat off-road vehicle that the trio was allegedly hauling that day. Montoya said Friday that police had located the trailer and Arctic Cat at an undisclosed auto shop where it had been dropped off for repairs. She said detectives did not believe there was anything suspicious surrounding the trailer and ATV.
A dog was also found in the abandoned vehicle. The dog belonged to Collins, according to family members. Police do not believe any of the blood in the vehicle was the animal's.
None of the missing men owned the SUV that the blood was found in. Police say they have interviewed the owner of the SUV and do not consider him a suspect.
Investigators have not released details about how the SUV owner might be connected to the missing men or what his story is about why his SUV ended up abandoned near the Jordan River.
Anyone with information about the missing trio can call police at 801-799-3000.
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