Unsolved Missing: Daniel Wauhkonen - Yukon, Canada since 2002

Missing: Daniel Frederick Wauhkonen
Case: Unsolved-Medical Missing (Endangered)
Date Missing: Oct. 02, 2002
Last Location:  Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada
Age at time missing:  36 years old
Age in 2014:  48 years old
Hair:  Brown (Known to change colors)
Facial: Known to wear beards/moustache;
also clean shaven; facial acne scars
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight at time missing:  250+
Circumstance:   Daniel is loved and missed very much by his family. He was last seen in Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada on October 2, 2002. His family continues to search for him. Daniel suffers from a bipolar condition and is also in need of his medication. Prior to missing, Daniel exhibited depression and is considered endangered. His family is hoping that someone may have information to aid them in finding him.  Daniel used to work as a hairdresser and is known to change his own hair, and facial appearance, by having varying styles, color and over-all looks over the years. It is possible he could be alive and living among the homeless population anywhere in Canada, the USA or even ties to friends in Guadalahara, Mexico.

Law Enforcement Agency:
If you believe you may see, or know, Daniel...please contact the
Watson Lake, Yukon Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 1-(867)536-2677.
Case# 2014 0941517    You may request to remain anonymous.

Anonymous Tip line: (780)267-0057 (Canada)

Other Case Registration Case #:
Consular Case #4-MXICO-3575928   
Salvation Army Case #14-5617
(Canada) Case# 2014 0941517    

Facebook:  "Looking for Daniel Wauhkonen"


Daniel grew up in Canada and lived in the following places in Canada: Lynn Lake, Manitoba; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Watson Lake, Yukon; Vancouver, British Columbia; Burnaby, British Columbia. He has worked in Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada; Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada; Saskatoon,Saskatchewan, Canada; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A. He was a Certified hairdresser and Aesthetician, but after being diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder he was no longer able to work. He also has a history of drug and alcohol addiction.
Daniel was last seen/ heard of in the fall of 2002 in Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada. His last address was in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He has scars from acne. Daniel has contacts in Guadalahara and it is possible that he is in Mexico or has been in Mexico.
Contacts in Mexico:
    Moises Penilla Nunez, Lawyer, Certificate No: 1482701. (33) 3613.29.68. Morelos 665, Col. Centro, Cp: 44200, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Jesus Manuel Navarro del Peral (Artist). Vitral&Vitral, Celaya, GTO, Mexico.
    Banco de Credto Rural De Occidente S,N.C., Ave.Inglaterra No.3504 Col. Vallarta San Jorge, Guadalajara. Jaiisco, 44690, Mexico.
If you have seen him or know anything about him please contact Walter Wauhkonen at Telephone: 780-267-0057 (Canada). Web:

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