#MISSING: Constance "Connie" Snyder, 28 - Kalkaska, MICHIGAN

Kalkaska Police are asking for the community's help to find a missing woman. They are concerned for her safety. 
Constance (Connie) Snyder was last heard from early Saturday morning. The 28-year-old was last seen walking home from a friend's house in the streets of the Village of Kalkaska. 
Connie has now been missing for four days.
The Kalkaska Village police chief says they are continuing to conduct interviews, but need the public's help.
"She called me and told me she was getting ready to head home. I told her 'alright. I'll be getting out of work soon, I'll see ya at the house' and that was the last time I heard from her," said Chris, Connie's roommate. 
That was Saturday morning around 2:00 a.m. Now four days later, Connie Snyder has not been found.
Her roommate says she was suppose to be walking down this street, heading home.
"Very sad you know I have to go to work everyday."
Connie works at a overnight baker at Northland Foods. Those who know her say it's unusual for her to not show up for work.
"If she did have to miss a day, she always called in," said coworker Emily. 
Police say they've spoken to family and friends, but no one has heard or seen her since Saturday morning.
Kalkaska Village Police Chief Kevin Rohn said, "it's now several days later and we found there's been no cell happen use by her, no credit card use by her or no one has seen or heard from her."
Everyone is concerned for her safety.
"We have no reason to believe at this point that there was any foul play or she is necessarily in danger, it's more were concerned about her safety."
Chris says, "I hope she's found. I hope she's alright."
Connie is about 5'2" and 100 pounds, with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes.
If you have any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to call the Kalkaska Village Police Department at 231-258-9081.
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