Located safe; Kimara Hughey 24 - Greenville County, South Carolina

A woman who had been missing for days was found alive in a ravine off the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Kimara Hughey had been missing since Tuesday, according to deputies.

Gaby Sanders was among the group that found Hughey and said "she just kept screaming, 'Help me please.' It just sounded very distressed, something you normally hear in a scary movie."

Investigators were able to track down Hughey in a ravine between Blue Ridge Drive and Cedar Lane Road near the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, according to Sgt. Jennings Autrey.

The Parker Fire Department was called to the scene to help rescue Hughey because investigators could not reach her, the supervisor said.

Paul Myers, another member of the group that heard Hughey's cry for help, said, "She was scratched from head to toe. She was very weak. She just kind of collapsed onto the gurney. She was very weak and obviously in a lot of pain."

Hughey was taken to Greenville Memorial, Autrey said.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.


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