ENDANGERED #MISSING: Elizabeth "Liz" Kenneally, 25 - Phoenixville, PENNSYLVANIA (last sighted in Norristown, PA)

A 25-year-old borough mother has been listed as a missing person by police and her family hopes to establish contact with her.
Elizabeth "Liz" Kenneally has reportedly been missing since Oct. 15 but was last sighted in Norristown Oct. 17, according to the Phoenixville Police. She also briefly spoke to a family friend via phone Monday, according to Facebook accounts tied to family members and friends, but she was reportedly in tears. It's unknown where the call came from.
Kenneally is the mother of a young boy who police said was dropped off at an aunt's before she went missing. He is safe, according to police.
 Police confirmed that the family filed a missing person's report for Kenneally but they don't believe her disappearance is under suspicious circumstances.
They said the family told them that Kenneally going off the grid is "not unusual" and that she suffers from addiction and mental health issues.
"So many families have someone that suffers, whether from drugs, depression (or) alcoholism, but some may not experience it firsthand and don't understand," Kenneally's mother, Susan Lynn Pozio Bossley, wrote on Facebook. "Families' lives change forever and you live always waiting for the phone to ring. That's how we live ours. Addiction is a life long disease."
Although police do not believe the situation is related to an abduction, a person having no contact with concerned parties is enough to be listed as a missing person.
Bossley, who lives in New York but came to the area to find her daughter, told The Mercury she is concerned because no one has physically seen her daughter since last week.
She and others also accused Kenneally's boyfriend of being uncooperative in the attempt to locate Kenneally.
In flyers posted across Facebook, Kenneally is described as being 5 feet 7 inches tall, approximately 150 pounds with a "medium build," blue eyes, and dark hair, though in many photos her hair appears to be blonde.
She also has a tattoo which reads, "Never Lose Hope" across the top of her chest.
Anyone with information on the case can call Phoenixville Police at 610-933-1180.
"If anyone knows where Lizzy is, please speak up," Bossley said. "We need to know she's, at least, safe.
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