Earthly body located; Tony Luzio Jr - Powell, Ohio

POWELL, Ohio - The car of Tony Luzio, Jr. was pulled from a pond along East Orange Road in Delaware County on Tuesday. It is just seven miles where he was last seen in 2005.

Luzio disappeared from a friend's house on July 4.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that the body was Luzio's.

The discovery comes after hundreds of ponds in the area were searched over the years.

"If you take this back to the night Tony went missing, it would have been early hours, very dark, no street lights. It is possible that he could have driven off the road and made a turn too soon and missed a side road," said Chief Gary Vest, Powell Police.

People close to this investigation say it's still too early to confirm what exactly happened the night Luzio disappeared.


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