#MISSING: Tanya Gonzalez, 28 - Miami, FLORIDA

A South Florida woman has been missing without a trace three days after she was last seen at a South Florida shopping center.
Twenty-eight-year-old Tanya Gonzalez was last seen Tuesday when she was with her aunt, Yvette Oliver, in Midtown Miami. Oliver said she is frantic. "This is a very difficult situation for all of us, for my family," she said as tears streamed down her face. "My niece has been missing since Tuesday. What can I tell you?"
Gonzalez's family said she always stays in contact with them and believe she was not alone when she left Midtown. "She always contacts me and my wife every day to let us know how she is, and we can't reach her," said Steve Buonomo, Gonzalez's stepfather. "Not only is my daughter lost, but as you know, the loss of a child affects everybody. The whole family is being ruined, so you can imagine the pain that we're in."
Police spent Friday combing Gonzalez's apartment looking for any clues. Oliver said she and her niece left the shopping center in separate cars, but she has not been seen since. "We left at the parking lot. We said our goodbyes," said Oliver. "She usually gives me a call, 'Here. I already made it home.' She never did."
"I called her, her cell phone is completely off. It goes straight to voice mail," said Tammy Buonomo, Gonzalez's mother.
According to police, there is no indication of foul activity, but they said something is amiss, "We do know that something isn't quite fitting properly here," said Miami Police spokesperson Kenia Fallat.
Paul Cobb, a friend who works near Gonzalez at Bayside Marketplace, agrees that the incident does not reflect who his friend is. "Really nice, friendly girl. It's kinda shocking. I really hope that she's OK," she said.
Gonzalez's parents said she rarely misses work, but when she does, she calls in. For the last two days, there has not been a single call from her.
Family members and friends hope their loved one is safe and simply want her back. "My prayers are going out to her and her family, so if you hear this, and you're around, please, give them a call. They're worried," said Cobb.
"I beg you, I beg you to please give as much help as you can," said Buonomo.
Police are hoping to speak to Gonzalez's boyfriend, even though they are not considering him neither a person of interest nor a suspect at this time. "We do know that she has an estranged boyfriend," said Fallat. "I can't say that he's a suspect at this point, but we're trying to get in touch with him as well, to see how he can provide us with information as to where she's at."
"I'm sorry, I'm just hoping that they find her and that she's OK," said a tearful Oliver. "Tanya, if you can see this, anywhere, please come home, honey. Please send me a text. Just let me know that you're OK."
Gonzalez's biological father has told 7News a transaction has been traced from his daughter's car to a bank in Homestead. He believes his daughter may be in a white 2001 Mercury wagon or a similar vehicle.
If you have seen Tanya Gonzalez or have any information, call police.
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