Earthly body located; Kevin Casserly - Anoka, Washington

Family members of the missing Anoka man whose body was found inside a rented RV have collected his remains are planning his funeral, but they're also asking anyone with information on how he died to come forward.

Law enforcement didn't have anything to say Monday regarding the Kevin Casserly death investigation. Although an autopsy was conducted, it remains unknown whether the medical examiners were able to determine how or when he died.

That leaves Casserly's family planning a funeral in a cloud of uncertainty.

"I am holding my brother," Alexandra Casserly said. "So, my brother is now home."

The Casserly family will say their final goodbyes this week, but when he is laid to rest on Thursday, there will still be many questions surrounding his mysterious death.

"We know he is not in pain, in a better place now," his sister said.

Kevin Casserly's body was located inside a cargo compartment of a rented RV by members of a rolling bachelor party en route to last weekend's Kentucky Derby.

"I opened it up, and there was legs staring me right in the face," Dan Trainor, the groom, said.

The ghastly discovery was made in Winona, but Trainor declined to identify the renter.

"Honestly, we're not going to go on the record and say who it was," he said. "We're not giving out the name just because of the investigation going on."

Fox 9 News can confirm that the RV was rented from an individual in Anoka, close to where Casserly was last seen in November. Yet, with no update from law enforcement investigators on Monday, his loved ones are still left to wonder what happened to him in his final moments and whether he was the victim of foul play.

"Frustration is definitely a word I would use," Alexandra Casserly admitted. "I know a lot of people are angry. I don't feel angry. I don't think we will allow our hearts to be filled with anger right now."

Nevertheless, the Casserly family said they believe it could take weeks before they get a clearer picture of what happened to their loved one and they are asking anyone with information on his death to contact authorities.


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