MISSING: Ricky Tolson, 35 - Baltimore, MD

Missing:  Ricky Tolson
Year of Birth: 1978
Age at time missing: 35 years old
Date Missing: Apr 09, 2014
Missing From : Baltimore, MD
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short , cropped
Eye Color: Hazel
Height:   5"7
Weight:   180 lbs.
Tattoos: Numerous from waist up,  including the tops of his hands with words and just a small heart on the inside of his ankle with the name Bianca. The most noticeable tattoos he has are (3) tear drops on his eyes, (1 one under the right eye and 2 under the left eye)
He also has a pyramid with the words around it on the left side of his neck.
Physical marks, scars:  Left elbow was cut so he has a big scar, showing on top of his tattoos, from one end of the elbow to the other. On the left side of his chest, showing on top of a name/heart tattoo, he has a big cut scar going down through it. Index finger is missing to the first knuckle with a small nail growing from it from a child hood accident.
Clothing:  Reported to have been wearing a dark gray sweat pants and dark gray hoodie
Other: Is Right handed and smokes cigarettes.

Police Agency:  Baltimore Police Dept.; Northwestern (410) 396-2466
Case Number: 14-6D5490
Detective Assigned: Detective Ryan Monteiro
NamUs: Case number pending

Circumstances:  Ricky is currently homeless. There has never been a day that goes by that he does not make contact with the mother of his child in the last 3 years. The last time they spoke was on Wednesday, March 2,  2014 and he made plans to meet on that Saturday. She also reported that in the conversation she noticed that Ricky
didn't sound "himself" and he just kept saying he was tired. He told her he would call that Saturday morning and see her and his child that day.  He never showed up.  This is completely out of character for him. He does frequent the Pikesville area as well as Baltimore city near Pikesville and Reistertown roads in Baltimore, MD.


Lindsey Stewart said...

This man seems like such a bad person to most....but he is the sweetest guy when he is not getting high...and I know this because we were married on 2 12 05 and I pray one day he can and will be that Ricky!...

John Dittmann said...

There is not one sentence in there saying he is a bad guy, anyone who thinks that is a judgemental bigot. We all come into the world the same way. I pray for you and him. I've been there