#MISSING: Rachel Cyriacks, 30 - Woonsocket, SOUTH DAKOTA (recovered pickup truck connected to case)

Rachel Cyriacks is still missing, but there is a new lead that authorities hope will help them find her.
The Sanborn County Sheriff's office is holding a silver Chevrolet c1500 pickup that is connected to this case.  After looking more closely at the vehicle, officers noticed some damage to the underside of the pickup. That's a new clue for officers who feared the other leads in the case had dried up.
The Sanborn County Sheriff knew about this pickup weeks ago, but it wasn't seized as evidence until after New Year's Day. The truck turned up in Huron, and officers believe it could have been driven by 30-year-old Rachel Cyriacks. Damage on the bottom of the vehicle now has investigators asking people in rural Beadle, Sanborn and Davison counties to check for property damage to fences, fields or secondary roads.
"We're seeing if it's associated and maybe it was nothing more than some of these minimum maintenance roads; they get to the edge and got a rock. It maybe damaged for no particular reason or maybe something that's good piece of evidence," Sanborn County Sheriff's Tom Fridley said.
The Sanborn County Sheriff's Office was first handling the Cyriacks investigation after it first received the report of the missing person. As the investigation spread into multiple counties, the sheriff decided to call in more resources, which is why the Division of Criminal Investigation is now on the case.
"They brought in a lot of manpower. Without their resources and their availability of manpower, it would make it a lot tougher for all of us small agencies," Fridley said.
Fridley says he's been receiving a lot of emails from people who are frustrated that Cyriacks is still missing. He says he's frustrated, too.  Now with the DCI at the helm, Fridley is confident in the process.
"We're also getting hammered that we're not doing this investigation or not, but with the amount of officers involved, there's a lot of years of experience and we're chasing anything we get," Fridley said.
Fridley did say cadaver dogs have been used to look for Cyriacks, but with the investigation area spanning three counties, it's difficult to pinpoint where to search.  

Anyone with information on the case is asked to the call Sanborn County Sheriff or Huron Police.

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