MISSING: Patrick Bagley , 60 - Salem, Alabama

Missing:  Patrick Bagley


Missing Report Filed:  May 23, 2013  (Possibly a week earlier)


Missing from:  Salem, Alabama


Alias/Nicknames:  Patrick  Hugh Bagley, Patrick Hugh Kirchoff, Pat Bagley, Mr. Pat


Age at time missing:   60 years old


Missing with Medical Needs:  Had a surgical procedure on the calendar for June that needed to be done, and this was missed due to his disappearance.


Eyes:  Hazel (Brown-green) Wears glasses but does not have with him.


Hair:  Salt/Pepper with bald spot in back.


Facial Hair:  Sometimes has beard-moustache-goatee, other times clean shaven. Has a cleft (dimple) chin.


Teeth:  Wears a partial upper bridge


Clothing:  Last seen wearing a brown zip up shirt and a pair of blue jeans.


Other:  Some days walks with a limp from a previous hip and leg fracture. Does not have a cane with him.


Surgical/Scars: Has no belly button from a surgery years prior and has 8" horizontal scar. Light scars above eyebrows.


Police Agency:  Lee County Sheriff's Dept, Detective Kevin Durick, at 334-737-7166, or your local police.


Case Number:  Case # 1305-2122




Patrick suffers from depression and may be wandering the streets. He is also a very heavy smoker, 4-5 packs a day, (chain smoker) and coffee drinker.  In his early 30's his home burned down and his dog passed away in the same week. He became extremely distraught. He would put trinkets on his dog's grave and spent a lot of time there. He soon divorced his wife and he spent 18 years as a loner and was homeless and lived on the streets and did odd jobs to survive. This is important as it indicates that he may be in another very deep depression as his most recent new dog, a black lab named "Juniorette", passed away and it has driven him back into the same previous depression. He promised his wife that he would go with her to get help for his depression.  The family has home security cameras which shows that he went to his dog's grave and was extremely upset/crying…he then went into the neighbors camper and came out with a different change of clothing that belongs to the neighbor. His own clothing he must have carried out..a white t-shirt was found down the road.  He had a bewildering look on the home security camera and went out to the front of his property and started to walk away.  A local BP gas station, stated he came and purchased 3 packs of cigarettes. He disappeared from that point and remains missing. Patrick is a Southern Union Student, and USDA Minority registered farmer. He has no access to money or funds. Patrick's home property was searched with K9-s as well as his neighbor's home. His wife is terribly worried and asks if anyone has information to please contact authorities.







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